In recent years, the rates at which students dropout in the post first cycle and second cycle institutions in Ghana is very alarming. Statistics indicate that less than 70% percent of Junior High School (JHS) graduates make it to the secondary level. On the other hand, less than 50% of Senior High School (SHS) graduates gain admissions into tertiary institutions. Upon research, we found the causes to be, but not limited to the following:

  • Financial constraints on the parts of students and their parents.
  • Poor grades.
  • Low esteem.
  • Lack of motivation.
  • Poor teaching and learning methods.

This discovery led to the birth of Optimum Senior High School, a place where all forms of students — regardless of their academic and financial status — are offered equal opportunities to acquire knowledge and certification from an accredited institution in Ghana.


Our Mission

  • Ensure that every student that attends our school has the right to a quality education.
  • Ensure that we tailor our teaching methods to suit every student who has a preferred
    learning style
  • Ensure that our teachers serve as role models to help shape the lives of our young population.
  • Prepare students for tertiary education, as well as the job market.

Mr. Tsetse Kwaku Precious


To produce top-notch godly intellectuals and leaders who fit well into society and excel in life.

Optimum senior High Shool, Deeper life Junction, off the Madina-Ashaley Botwe road.

+233 241 027 904 | +233 302 934 494

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